For a wide variety of clients, PI has demonstrated superior performance in cabling, networking, and facility security installations.  Experienced installers provide voice, data, and wireless networks including data closet equipment, panduit, conduit, cable trays, specialized termination blocks and wireless antennas. PI provides all levels of network cabling, including fiber optic and twisted pair.

PI designs and implements stable and reliable network topologies proven to provide the most cost effective and highest performing networks. PI is fully qualified in areas of testing and certification of network cabling. PI provides maximum network prformance, attained through ensuring compliance with all industry standards and allowable tollerances. Our mission is to provide a high quality, functional installation that meets or exceeds systems requirements and productivity goals.

      Alliance Francaise

      Blessed Sacrament School

      Embassy of South Africa, Washington, DC

    Network and System Installation subcontractor, multi-year performance

      The White House, Executive Office of the President

      U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC

      U.S. Air Force, contract number F11624-95-D-0005

      U.S. Army, contract numbers DAAB07-96-D-L260, DAAB07-98-D-L771, FS-98-0097-DSSMP

Also see our capabilities in Facility Security, Electrical Installation,and Cable Installation.

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