Cable Installation

The expression itís not rocket science could be used to describe cabling. But then, if it is not that difficult, why are so many cabling jobs done incorrectly? Why are problems of intermittent connectivity and widespread interference and line drops so common? The answer is as simple as the problem: to do it right you have to take the time, know the protocols, understand the limitations, and respect the physical layout of the facility. Run cabling in parallel to conduit or on top of ceiling tiles or too near to fluorescent lights because it easy, and you will pay the price.

At PI we know all the Dos and Doníts of cable installation and we make certain that every one of our installations is a text-book example of how to do it correctly. Your data, your livelihood, and your success all depend on how well we do our work. We wonít let you down.

We have a proven record of completing cable installations within small or complex environments, whether for a telephone system or multi-protocol network configurations in multiple sites.

Among our Cable Installation clients are:

    ACE Com

    Alliance Francaise

    Automation Reserach Systems

    Blessed Sacrament School

    City of Alexandria: courthouse, police headquarters, and city jail

    Community Housing Foundation


    Development Group International

    Electronic Innovators, Inc.

    Embassy of South Africa, Washington, DC

    First Security Insurance

    Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority


    The White House, Executive Office of the President

    U.S. Air Force, Bowling Air Force Base

    U.S. Army, Fort Meade

    U.S. Department of Agriculture

    U.S. Department of State

    U.S. Department of the Army

    U.S. Postal Service

Also see our capabilities in Networking, Electrical Installation,and Facility Security.

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