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Facility security --everything from intrusion detection and remote monitoring to surveillance and alarming-- has always been an important means of protecting valuable assets. Today, however, in light of the tragic 9/11 attacks and recognizing that the very essence of terrorism is creating a situation where anyone is vulnerable, anywhere --Today, the need for secure facilities is of paramount importance. To choose the right combination of technologies requires, at a minimum:

  • an assessment of risk and a determination of risk-tolerance and consequences
  • a strategic plan for prevention and response
  • an evaluation of the physical characteristics of the facility involved

We can work with your planners to select just the right equipment for your site and devise a plan to have it installed quickly and with minimum disruption to your ongoing operations.

Here is just a sample of our Facility Security clients. (For a complete list of PI clients, please see Clients.)

    Voice, Data, Fire, and Security

      Community Housing Foundation, Silver Spring, Maryland

      Courthouse, Police Headquarters, and City Jail, Alexandria, Virginia for security and access control, surveillance, and cable installation

      Development Group International, Washington, DC for voice, data, and telephone switch installation

      Electronic Innovators, Inc., Arlington, Virginia for voice, data, and telephone switch installation

      Embassy of South Africa, Washington, DC, main embassy and annex locations for voice, data, and telephone switch installation

      Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (Ronald Regan Washington National Airport) for data and access control cable installation

      The White House, Executive Office of the President for data cabling

      U.S. Department of Agriculture

      U.S. Department of State, Washington, DC for data cablingU.S. Postal Service for facility security, fiber optics, voice and data cabling

      U.S. Department of the Army

      U.S. Postal Service

      Universal Systems, Inc., Alexandria, Virginia for voice, data, and telephone switch installation


Also see our capabilities in Networking, Electrical Installation,and Cable Installation.


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