Electrical Installation

Consider these facts:

  • 13 percent of all electrical power in commercial buildings is now consumed by computers --as much as is used to air condition those same buildings
  • the average office building now experiences 106 power quality problems a month (e.g., power spikes, transients)
  • 4 out of 5 power problems originate inside buildings
  • computers are becoming less tolerant of power variants

They add up to this: your electrical system is vital to your organization. Your electrical installations must be done perfectly. PI has a history of electrical installation work second to none. Our clients can attest to that and their operations depend entirely upon it.

Here is just a sample of our Electical Installation clients. (For a complete list of PI clients, please see Clients.)

      District of Columbia Department of Parks and Recreation

      U.S. Air Force, Bowling Air Force Base

      U.S. Army, Fort Meade

      U.S. Navy

        Naval Observatory
        David Taylor Model Basin

      Wm C. Smith Co.


Also see our capabilities in Networking, Facility Security, and Cable Installation.

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