You have a requirement. It may involve computing, or networking, security, storage, installation, or maintenance. Whatever it is, you know the one thing you do not need is more headaches. You will have a long list of contractor requirements to make sure the job gets done the way you need it done, precisely when you need it. But topping that list is a requirement whose importance can not be overlooked: Experience.

It is the one requirement that can not be faked or glossed over with promises. Either someone has it or they do not.

PI has it.

Talk to our Clients, Contact us for references, or read about the work we’ve already done. It is all here.

Call on us because we have done it before and we can do it now --for you. Call us about...

    Systems integration
    Disaster recovery solutions
    Back-up solutions
    Network storage solutions
    Custom computer / server / RAID manufacturing
    System installation
    Telephone / PBX system installation
    Network installation
    OS installation
    Cable installation
    Sales (VAR)
    Web hosting
    Web design

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